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February is the month for love, so let’s talk about how to makeover your bathroom and boudoir to create a beautiful and luxurious space for relaxation and rejuvenation, shall we? Even small changes can create a new ambiance in the space you spend at least a third of your life.
One designer said, “The boudoir is the place where the man is the invited guest. It should make the spouse or significant other look beautiful and feel pampered.” Could your space use a “refresh?”

When you think of interior design for this important suite of rooms, it is natural to think of function and form, but the elements of texture, lighting and color can create dramatic transformations without a major renovation.

before pic

(This is the Before Picture of my example makeover. Continue to see the After Photo!)

Let’s start with color. If your goal is to create a space that exudes calmness and serenity, here is an example of how to make an instant change to a room that does not need structural changes. “Cool” colors like blues, greens and shades or tints of white can be used effectively to evoke a sense of softness and visual texture to your room.

elephant gray glass slipper 1632

BM –Elephant Gray BM – Glass Slipper

You can see the results in this master bedroom. Add luxurious fabrics and textures to create the sensual element of touch to your visual palette. Using a contrasting “hand” (feel) with smooth and nubby fabrics adds interest without distracting from your ultimate intent.

glam bedroom

Since subtlety is our goal for your lair, lighting that is dimmable is a must. If you like a formal feel, here is a favorite chandelier to add a touch of sparkle to your space.

hive light
Sconces can also be used as a decorative element to give you different lighting levels within the room, and of course using a dimmer switch is recommended.

lens sconce

Wall to wall carpeting has been traditional for many years, but using hardwood floors with a rug made of wool and silk creates a counterpoint of textures that you feel underfoot. And is much more practical in our Florida climate.


Now let’s move to the master bathroom. If you’ve lived in your home for many years and have had the traditional built-in cabinets with a slab countertop and drop in sinks, it may be time to do a facelift with vessel sinks.

sue's kitchen 080


Tile is another important element of your bathroom, and texture can be seen and felt with some of the new options available.

2012-05-31 11.31


Here is the result of one of our recent master bathroom remodels. As you can see, what was a “ho hum space” is now sleek and elegant. You deserve to have this for yourself.

sue's kitchen 081

(After Photo!!)

When you’re ready to create your boudoir and master suite transformation, contact me at or 407.895.5112 o or 407.719.4590 c, by March 1st to receive a “Idea Down-Load” (This includes up to a 90 minute consultation with tons of ideas to get you started on your own design mini makeover for $250). If you are ready for a full-service, let’s get started on my project consultation, your initial consultation is free!

We always appreciate your generous referrals.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
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