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I am working on an office for a young, successful real estate agent. Below are some of the choices I have made so far for her. I am thinking eclectic and feminine but strong, sophisticated but welcoming. What do you think? (pics)

My favorite desk, feminine but clean modern lines.


Traditional but classic bookshelf.

80 +H+Neoclassic+Etagere


A place for everything and room for all her files.


Tables for her guests/clients.

table 2

Or for a different take.

jon adler table


Chair options:

ghost chair


Or snazzy but a little more traditional.

chair 2



taos taupe

Should we go with rich, sophisticated Taos Taupe or

Jamaican Aqua

Fun and fresh Jamaican Blue?

And here are some lighting options to pop in this gorgous space.

acid lamps

orange table lamp

neon lamp


And finally a really cool rug.


Alright so what do you think? Which pieces would you put together for this dynamic, young professional?

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5 Responses to “Feminine Office… What would you pick?”

  1. Omichele69 says:

    I’ll try this again. I like the table with the geometric bottom.Brings my eye to that as well as the rectangle storage,legs of the desk and the sides of the bookcase. If I was going as a client of this woman I would definitely want my backside on an upholstered chair.I wouldn’t want sweaty clients sitting on a see through chair. square lamps are great. Will there be some soft texture coming in? Love the choices so far but that’s why your the professional . Michele

    • Thanks Michelle! Yes working on some soft options for seating too. Since it is a professional office we want things that are easily cleanable too. We may add a cushion to the “Ghost Chair” if we go that way.

  2. I love the cool colorful square lamps and the modern white desk and all white table. Good point from the other comment from Michelle on the see through chairs. I thnk they are very cool but maybe uncomfortable. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

    • Desiree, The “Ghost Chair” is suprisingly comfortable as well as cool looking. Try one out when you get a chance. Will post photos when we reach the finished stage of the project for your perusal.

  3. martin says:

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