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Now you have been thinking about redoing your backyard after last week’s cool examples.  Where here are some of the amazing options available now to turn your yard from blah to beautiful!

Design Within Reach never fails to come up with cool, affordable options for your home.  This Jellyfish ottoman is only $195.  It can also be used as a table.

This charming chair by Vincent Soto from will add a romantic look to your garden.

Love this Sol Y Luna chair also from Design Within Reach.  It is so organic that it looks like it is reaching out to embrace you and the green color will just blend into your garden.

Ready to relax!  These loungers are just waiting for you, your book and your margarita.  From Giati

Festive addition to your pool for a summer evening.  Solar powered globes from

The Lucy chair from Bend Seating is designed to resemble macramé.  Available from

Great idea!  LED light that attaches to your umbrella and it comes with rechargeable batteries.  From

Very mod out door set from

So what are you waiting for?  Get out and enjoy your yard this summer and make it beautiful.

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  1. Hi,
    I have seen so much of garden furniture over the years made by different manufacturers but this is something very unique and different and fells very fresh as well. It does not looks like to be evolved from some earlier models.
    Wooden Garden Furniture


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