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Are you doing anything special for the July 4th holiday weekend?  I plan on taking it easy and visiting with friends and family and catching one of the many fireworks displays in the Orlando area.  Enjoy your holiday



A friend of mine mentioned that she wanted to replace her backyard fence and it got me thinking about alternatives to the boring stockade fence so I researched some options out there.  You certainly don’t have to stick with the standard fence these days.  What do you think?

Love the horizontal slats defining this fence.  The smaller slats with the peak-a-boo aspect really adds dimension to this composition.  From


This fence was created for a playground but what a great idea if you wanted something colorful for a small space.

Really liking the horizontal slats.  It creates a more modern and updated feel for your backyard.

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Now I am all for having an apartment in Manhattan and alternately I would love to have a home with a pool but I am not sure I would want them in the same space.  What do you think?


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