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High-end interior designed items are wonderful, creative and amazing to behold but let’s face it we don’t all have that kind of budget and even if you do you don’t always want to spend it that way.  I am a huge fan of mixing high-end and low-end together to create a dynamic design style.  You want to spend your money where it will have an impact say that Wolf Range you have been dying for when remodeling your kitchen and then you pick less expensive subway tile for your backsplash to make up for your splurge .  Also, by integrating less expensive alternatives you can change out those items after a season or in a few years without feeling guilty.

Here are some well designed, but reasonably priced finds you might want to integrate into your home.

The Ginger side table from Crate and Barrel is available in blue or white and is only $299.  This is a great accent piece that would work with a variety of design styles and tastes.  This would make a perfect accent table on the patio or as a night stand for your guest room.

This classic jug lamp from West Elm is updated with its streamlined drum shade and glass base.  I particularly love the metallic finish option as it would add a little bling to your room.  A pair of these would be perfect as bedside lamps – tall enough to read by or on an end table in your living room.  The shape is classic enough to go in a more traditional space but fresh enough to stand up to a more contemporary look and super reasonable at only $149.  West Elm has certainly updated their look and is offering a great selection of options at very reasonable prices.

Love, love, love this pendant!  I just put two of them in a client’s bathroom and they look amazing!  It is hard to believe they were only $179 a piece from Design Public.  More on my client’s project soon.

Checkout these bookcases!  The angled style works nicely in smaller spaces and as you can see they make a strong statement in groups too. I would pick just one color instead of mixing it up.  They are only $199 a piece from CB2 and would work well in an office, living room and would even be a creative choice for a night stand, particularly if you are a reader like me.

Barstools are notoriously pricey but this one is very reasonable at $198 from Chiasso and is adjustable for either counter or bar height.  With it’s streamlined style it would work well in a variety of settings and it is comfortable too.

And when it comes to style at a discount we can’t forget IKEA.  I would not want to do a whole room from here, but they have some great pieces to throw into the design mix.  I particularly like these new Klubbo nesting tables shown in ash and also available in black or white.  I saw these at the store the last time I was there and if I put them in a client’s home you would never guess they were from IKEA.  And at only $79.99 you can’t go wrong.

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