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Can’t wait for Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators show tonight, May 31st, 2011 at 10pm!

These rooms are from designer Mary McDonald.

Are you gonna watch?


This fascinating website where you post a picture of what you would rescue if your house was burning.  Everyone then gives their name, age, occupation, website, etc. and a list of their treasure possessions.  This picture is from Brody Tors, age 6, occupation – kid and from New Hampshire.  Check our more entries at  or add your own.


As a child I often dreamed of having my own tree house one day.  As I have grown older I am still enthralled by the unique homes people create and live in.  
Alexandre de Betak, a renowned events producer, art director and designer whose work includes fashion shows and extravaganzas for clients from Dior to Rodarte to Tiffany has created one of these truly unique abodes.  His new home is located in a small coastal village in the Tramuntana region of Majorca. He is very much inspired by 70′s architecture, probably because that is what he grew up with.  As to be expected from a guy who plans remarkable events the attention to details in this project are amazing.

Love the pebble floor, it must feel wonderful in bare feet but I wouldn’t want to sit at the end of the table, especially after a drink or two….

Curvaceous built-in furniture mixes well with the casual accent pieces.  Did you notice the R2D2 ceramic ash tray?

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