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Well ironically I wrote about getting ready for spring last week and although I had no firm intentions of doing spring cleaning this weekend, Mother Nature foiled my plans and flooded our garage.  We have a beautiful Camphor tree in our front yard that was poorly placed and has forced up our driveway over the years to the point where water sought lower ground in our garage.  Oh well, I have lots of empty floor space now and plans to re-do our driveway (the tree stays).  

I find that in my interior design projects an accident or mistake can often turn to a better result.  We once ordered a sectional that came in two different fabrics – disaster or happy accident?  Well, we decided we wouldn’t have liked that sectional in our house and were able to select another one that was considerably cheaper and we love to this day.  For one of my favorite clients, I worked with a glass artist to design this wonderful, extensive glass bar suspended between her island and the wall.   When it was installed, the client just wasn’t happy with the look and we were trying to decide how to adapt it when within 24hrs the glass bar exploded into a million little pieces.


Fortunately no one was in the room or was hurt.  Now I never would have wanted this to happen and spent many hours trying to figure out how to resolve the situation but I was able to re-design a bar in metal, it is gorgeous and my client loves it!

So you just never know what will become a happy accident.  Got any you want to share?

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