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It has been snowing in NY, my home state, but here in Florida spring is well on its way.  My roses and irises are blooming away.  So how do you prepare for spring?  Do you clean your closets, plant your garden or organize your office?  Of the three options I will always pick gardening but will grudgingly admit that I feel better when I tackle the closet and office too!  These tips are in no particular order and if you have some that you rely on please share!

Here are some tips to get you started on refreshing your home for spring.

1. Buy coordinating organizers for your office – It is easier to put in the time organizing your stuff when you have attractive containers – and sometimes you just need a space to hide those odds and ends.

2. Bribe a pal to help your sort through your office junk.  I will avoid it like the plague but if someone is coming over to help me I will slog through it.  My valued pals will often assist for dinner out and a glass of wine!

3. Closet – Organize by type of item and by color – if it hasn’t been worn in a year get rid of it.  One trick is to hang everything in your closet backwards and if in a year the hanger is still backwards then you get rid of those items.  Plus you can donate what you don’t wear and feel good about it too!

4. I must admit that I cheat with my closet and use the one in our other bedroom for those items I want to keep but seldom wear such as formal wear or cold-weather gear I need when I travel.  It makes it much easier to organize the closet I use all the time.

5. Plant some herbs either in small pots in the kitchen or pots outside.  I prefer to put them in pots so you can make sure your fertilizing for food plants and not things you might use elsewhere in the garden.   This is so much cheaper than buying fresh herbs in the store and there is something so satisfying about walking out to your garden and chopping off whatever you need and adding it to your dish.  And other than watering, herbs are pretty carefree.
6. Add mulch to your garden – it is so simple but it makes everything look more pulled together, retains moisture for when the heat kicks in and it suddenly looks like you have a fresh, new garden.

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