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It has been snowing in NY, my home state, but here in Florida spring is well on its way.  My roses and irises are blooming away.  So how do you prepare for spring?  Do you clean your closets, plant your garden or organize your office?  Of the three options I will always pick gardening but will grudgingly admit that I feel better when I tackle the closet and office too!  These tips are in no particular order and if you have some that you rely on please share!

Here are some tips to get you started on refreshing your home for spring.

1. Buy coordinating organizers for your office – It is easier to put in the time organizing your stuff when you have attractive containers – and sometimes you just need a space to hide those odds and ends.

2. Bribe a pal to help your sort through your office junk.  I will avoid it like the plague but if someone is coming over to help me I will slog through it.  My valued pals will often assist for dinner out and a glass of wine!

3. Closet – Organize by type of item and by color – if it hasn’t been worn in a year get rid of it.  One trick is to hang everything in your closet backwards and if in a year the hanger is still backwards then you get rid of those items.  Plus you can donate what you don’t wear and feel good about it too!

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I was at a new showroom this week shopping for a client and I was intrigued by their lighting selections.  I have always liked the drum shade pendant that became popular a few years ago but these new examples combine the more formal crystal chandelier with the more casual drum shade for an interesting twist.

Classic drum shade fixture – love the chocolate brown ribbon trim.

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I have been working on a project with a client to change her existing sun room into a playroom for her two young boys.  We have designed a great rug from FLOR.   This is a very reasonably priced product that allows you to create your own custom rug.  Check out these examples below.


These rugs are created using rug tiles, much like commercial carpeting which means you can create your own patterns and replace tiles if they become stained or damaged.

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