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Design is more than just making a place look better.  It is often a gateway to feeling better about yourself and your life.  Some of my favorite jobs have been assisting a client through a life-changing experience.  Often divorce is the impetus.  Think about it, if you have been in a bad relationship for years, and changing your environment can give you a whole new outlook on life.  My clients speak of reclaiming their home and having the freedom to create a personal retreat, a nest that is theirs alone.

 Jonathan Adler Room
This room by Jonathan Adler just makes me smile.  I can just imagine sitting here in the evening, unwinding with a glass of wine by the fire.

Ironically the other big change I assist in is re-marriage.  Creating a space that combines two well-established adults can be traumatic and your designer becomes the mediator helping bridge your individual history, creating a new shared abode.

So take some time to think about what makes you happy.  What makes your home a sanctuary?  Is it coming home to a spa-like interior with soothing colors and soft, comforting textures?

Master Bedroom modern bedroom

This bedroom feels so relaxing, I am ready to take a nap on a Sunday afternoon and forget about the world for awhile.

Or is it an eclectic mix of everything you love including your grandmothers occasional chairs, recovered and that amazing art piece you bought on your last vacation?
This could inspire your own eclectic room!
Whatever it is you need to support your live changes bring it into your home.  Whether it is changing just a few things or a total new look and feel, do it!  You deserve to smile when you walk in that door!

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