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When you are an interior designer there is just a little pressure to keep your home up-to-date, especially when you are having people over.  As I had just posted about some quick ideas on updating your home before the holidays, I decided to take my own advice and spruce up my Orlando home.  A friend of mine had recently commented on the trend of mixing patterns and styles.  I’m good on the mixed styles but the mixed patterns was a little lacking so I decided to change that.

Pillows BEFORE

Pillows BEFORE

As you can see from my before photo I had a series of matching pillows that looked fresh a few years ago but now look a little tired and dated.

Pillows AFTER

Pillows AFTER

My new collection immediately updated my space, added color and mixed patterns and texture to my living room that been missing.  Now I am ready for my Christmas parties, well as soon as I finish my holiday decorating, shopping for presents, preparing food….. well at least I am on my way! 

If you have done any quick updates on your abode, please share!

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