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In this day and age it is so easy to buy electronic reading material but I confess that I still love to hold a book and leaf through its pages especially with a design book.  It just isn’t the same on a small screen.  Don’t get me wrong, Santa, I would love an I-Pad!   So here are some of the books that caught my eye this year.  They would make great last minute gifts or a great gift for yourself!

A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life by Mary Randolph Carter

A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life

A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life

This book shows you “how to live creatively with collections, clutter, work, kids, pets, art, etc.”  And let’s face it, very few of us can live a minimalist lifestyle successfully.  I started out leaning that way but between my business, my husbands business, my love of art and books that isn’t going to happen!

She shows loving case studies of homes all over the world that merge beauty, passion and charm of each home.  The book is also peppered with suggestions and guides to dealing with your collections and clutter.




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Wine Colored Room

As we wade through the holiday season our thoughts start to drift to the New Year and what changes it will bring.   Being a “colorista” I am fascinated with how color trends change each year influenced by our economy and general outlook on life.  Benjamin Moore, my favorite paint company has predicted Vintage Wine (2116-20) as their 2011 color of the year according to their website.  This rich hue with a deep brown base and a hint of smoky violet is a warm, bold choice for your home. As an undertone in many of the latest wood finishes, leathers, and other textiles, vintage wine, and its lighter variations, will make a great paint color pick for many applications over the coming years. From deep smoky wine to wildly pumped up fuchsia, purple promises to be a predominant color in home decor in 2011.

vintage wine swatch

Vintage Wine 2116-20


Forecasted Colors for 2011

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I know I have been doing a lot of recipes lately but it is the holidays and when the holidays are here, I cook!  This recipe has been in our family for eons, nicknamed “Lorraine’s Frying Pan Cookies”, I am not even sure who Lorraine is, I think a friend of my grandmother’s.   They are easy to make, impress your guests and it is the rare palette that figures out the ingredients. Recipe is easily doubled if you are entertaining or want to give cookies as gifts.

Lorraine's Frying Pan Cookies

Lorraine's Frying Pan Cookies

Lorraine’s Frying Pan Cookies

1 ½ cup dates

1 cup sugar

One stick margarine

1 egg beaten

½ tsp. vanilla

¼ tsp. salt

Cook the above ingredients in a frying pan until dates are melted stirring constantly over medium low – low heat. 

Add to date mix:

2 ½ cups rice crispies

½ cup chopped walnuts

Stir until well blended.  Remove from heat.  Working quickly, butter hands and roll date/crispies mix into balls and then roll in coconut to finish.

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