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Think decorating can be time consuming and expensive?  Well, it doesn’t have to be!  Check out these 10 Tips to Embrace your Space!

1. Frame your family photos or children’s artwork.  Take them out of the drawer and put them on your walls so you can enjoy them.  I have a client that we often frame her children’s artwork and it looks amazing!  My framer use scrapes of expensive frames that she has on hand and she a beautiful, eclectic collection of “abstract” art.

2. Stack your art, garden, travel books on a table for new table-scape.

Stacked Books

Stacked Books from

3. Refresh your bath: change your shower curtain, add some candles, and cluster your pretty stuff in an elegant tray for that wow impact. 

4. Paint the back of a bookcase a contrasting color – something eye popping like chartreuse or turquoise will really make a statement or for an even more dynamic look, use wallpaper.

Bookcase of Color

Bookcase of Color from

5. Clean your windows!  Never my favorite thing to do but it can really make a difference.

6. Paint a piece of furniture.  I love to paint anything with a high-gloss bright white paint.  High-gloss paint is a great way to update a piece and don’t be afraid of using a bold color too.

7. Add dimmers to your lights – you can even plug them into your lamps and who doesn’t look better by “candle” light.

8.  Cluster your mismatched candlesticks together with varying length tapers all in one color: white, cream or black.  Very elegant and sophisticated!

Candle stick Grouping

Candle stick Grouping

9. Paint the ceiling in one room.  Don’t be afraid, this will brighten up the room and add a dramatic punch to your space.

10. Create some planters by the front door.  Put in some seasonal flowers or herbs in a bright pot.  You will smile every time you come home.  Bonus tip: Paint your front door a bright new color – will freshen up your curb appeal with out much effort.

Hope you got some good ideas and be sure to share pictures of your quick picks and we will post them!

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8 Responses to “10 Decorating Ideas You Can Do in a Day”

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