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More and more people I know are working from home either part-time or their home base is at home.  And according to an article I read recently, with the advances in technology this trend is only going to increase.  Here are some examples of creative home work spaces.

living space eclectic home office

This office has a chic, but comfortable feel, great for meeting clients…. I don’t think I could keep it this clutter free.

Love that this office is well organized, functional and yet you can close the doors and it all goes away!

With wireless equipment and lots of windows this office is a dream.  I could see myself happily ensconced here. From www.housebeautifulcom

This office has plenty of storage and functionality but yet it feels welcoming and inviting.  Also from

I think that if you are going to work at home, it is important to designate a spot for your stuff.   I must confess that I have a love/hate relationship with my home office.  I love being able to get up some mornings and grab my coffee and work  in my pj’s and other times I wish I could get away from it more easily.
How do you feel about a home office?  Do you like to be connected all the time or do you wish you could go home and turn it off?  Where do you work at home?  Send us your thoughts and pictures.

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