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Recently I was looking over some past client jobs and noticed some of the kitchens I have redone.  One of my favorite ways to update the space without a huge investment is painting the cabinets.  The has to be done properly and usually the best results are achieved by a professional painter depending on the finish of your existing cabinets but the results can be dramatic and much cheaper than replacing your cabinets.
Two Toned Kitchen
Two Toned Kitchen

Colorful blues and greens replace the tired pickled cabinets in this Florida beach inspired kitchen.

Color In Kitchens
Color In Kitchens
50’s Chic

These gray cabinets stand out in this 50’s era house are original but look up to-date with new hardware, rust walls and cork flooring.  The original laminate counter top adds a unique twist.

Green with Kitchen Envy!
Green with Kitchen Envy!

Small but mighty green kitchen!

In this small kitchen, cabinets are lacquered in Bamboo Leaf by Fine Paints of Europe, as was the roller shade by Manhattan Shades & Glass, which erases an exhaust unit. Even the Sub-Zero refrigerator is painted green. Design by Miles Redd and featured in House Beautiful.

So if you are looking to update your kitchen with out breaking the bank consider the creative ways you can use paint to update your look.  What updates are looking to do?  Let us know and we would love to share your pictures on our blog.

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