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Color has a huge emotional and psychological impact on how we perceive our environment. It can also be a factor on whether or not you choose to purchase everything from that car to a sofa.  As you can imagine it is big business predicting what colors will appeal to us in the coming year for both home and interior furnishing companies and designers.  Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute offered these 9 trends at the last Coverings conference.  Many of these trends are influenced by our economy and how we feel about our future.

Cottage Industry
Inventiveness is key when taking a tried and true theme and marrying it with modern day sensibilities.  Quiet pastels like light blue, pink and golden yellow along with a group of tasty neutrals are integrated into an easy compatibility.  The color grouping is rooted by earthy brick as well as the added stability of solid rock gray.

Simply Stated
Simplicity and comfort meet urban rustic.  A melding of supple and firm surfaces are casually constructed with a sense of understated style.  Colors are easy on the eye yet not without surprise in the blend of dusty rose, avocado, antique moss, periwinkle blue, warm taupe and angora white.

Style and Substance
Elegance and sophistication are two words often used to define style and in this particular palette, there is a blend of colors that succinctly gets that message across.  Jet black and metallics of gold and silver are juxtaposed against subtle blue and frosted gray, while two substantive purples are flavored by the addition of wine-ish brown aptly named Chocolate Truffle.
Clarity illustrates a very clean approach to design and color.  Uncomplicated, straightforward, with no extraneous details, it is the essence of purity.  This well-defined palette shows a clear definition of striking contrast between the ‘Zen’ of cool blues and greens, the pristine presence of pure white, sparked by the opposite contrast of a mystical mauve, violet and Tibetan red.

A compilation of varying cultures from all over the globe, Fragments picks up pieces of diverse places and weaves them into an integrated whole.  Kilms and carpets, found fabrics, ornamental beads and even discarded bottle caps destined for landfill, are cleverly joined together to form an eclectically colored patchwork of amber, grenadine red, hot pink and baked clay, citron, grape, cadmium green and bright gold.

Classics never go out of style- they are the archetypes of design and colors that are seemingly ageless.  While they often reflect an historical time period, standard classics will look “au-courant” when updated or reinvented through styling, pattern and texture.  And just as fashion repeatedly illustrates, basics such as black, brown, beige, gray and taupe can also be redefined in the home by introducing colorful accents through the pulsating rhythm of a boss nova red.

Focal Points
Converging colors create a pathway that invariably leads the eye to a given spot.  When the hues are both bold and uniquely combined, the effect is even more intense.  Focal points is a palette of warm advancing shades of muskmelon, clay and burnt coral ultimately introduced to the drama of aura red, purples and wine making for theatrical, intriguing color combinations.

Mixed Media
Just as the name implies, Mixed Media brings together examples of various fabrications and colors.  It is a diverse group of skillfully rendered surface treatments that are headlined by the light reflective properties of many of the materials.  Contrast is provided by complex patterning and subtle use of deep teal, as well as aqua, ermine, ochre and berry, deftly highlighted by the metallic glimmer of rich gold, copper and frosted almond

Whit and Whimsy
This fanciful palette invites us to put on a happy face.  It is as tempting as a dish of jelly beans – you can’t stop with just one.  An energized yellow-green plays against a not-too-pretentious pink while carrot and coral call out to be cooled by the ultramarine and clematis blue.  Bright yellow and bachelor button form a playful duo and all is sweetened by a smattering of brown sugar.

If you want to explore any of these color palettes in your home then let us know!  And if you want more information on color trends check out

All color trends are courtesy of Leatrice Eiseman, Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

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