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We all have such crazy lives these days that is easy to forget to take care of ourselves.  We have careers, spouses, kids and jobs demanding our attention and we often put ourselves last on the list.  Good design helps to put you to the top of your list.  Creating a space that functions, is beautiful and reflects your personality is the ultimate in self-care and who doesn’t want to come home and walk into their own personal sanctuary!

Here are some tips on finding a designer and how they can help you.

10.    They get the job done.  You have plenty to do and having someone coordinate all the aspects of your job frees you up to do what you have to do.

9.    Leverage and Advocate.  Designers have on-going relationships with manufactures and trades-people and the wherewithal to motivate these third parties when necessary.

8.    Referrals.  Designers work very hard to have a great rolodex.  Having a relationship with quality craftsman, painter, contractor, etc. ensures a quality job for your project.

7.    Resources.  Even with the internet designers still have access to fabrics, furnishings, etc that the public doesn’t.  And a good designer keeps up with the newest, latest and greatest and coordinates it all for your individual look.  Who has the time to track down all that stuff – let your designer handle it and free up your time.

6.    Counselor.  You want country and he wants city.  Well your designer is an expert at mediating with couples and creating a vision that merges your individual tastes that makes you both happy.  And it is often easier for someone outside the relationship to help you achieve common design ground.

5.    Guidance.  You know what you don’t like but not how to define what you do like.  That is your designer’s job to help you define your personal style and create your dream space.

4.    Convenience.  A designer will save you from running all over town trying to find the right items to pull together your look.      You get to sit back and enjoy the process and your new look.

3.    Priorities.  Designers are trained to evaluate your project and help you to decide how to designate where to put your money to get the best bang for your buck.

2.    Avoid Costly Mistakes.  Too many options, selecting the wrong size furniture for your space, not moving a wall when you should are just a few of the potential issues you can face.  A designer can help you with the big picture and avoid making the choices that can cost you more.

1.    Problem Solvers.  Designers have been trained to look at your project and come up with solutions you never would have thought of.  We work with color, help you find storage, and work to solve you home traffic flow issues.  These are only a few examples of how a designer can improve your home.  You should be loving where you live and we can make that happen.

When you decide to hire a designer make sure you find one that matches your personality.  This is someone you are inviting into your home and you need to feel comfortable with their work style and design style.  It is worth the time and effort and can result in a long – term successful relationship.

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