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I often have clients ask me where to find art.  Well here in Central Florida we are lucky enough to have some great galleries like Coma on Virginia and McRae Street studios, a co-op of local artists.  We also have some great art festivals including the Winter Park Art festival, Lake Mary Art Festival and Festival of the Masters at Disney.

But for those times you can’t get to the festivals or the galleries, there are also some great on-line resources.  One of my favorites is  Etsy is an amazing collection of everything from jewelry to clothes to art of all sorts.

Print by JKLdesign from Etsy

Here are some other examples from a few other great art sites.  Most offer originals or prints starting at very reasonable prices and up.

Art by Daniel Calder on

Coronado Alley by Dana Cooper on

Yeargans Hartwell Music Makers on

Kenneth Nolan on

Gastardi by Pilar Bamba on

Jennifer Hendricks on

Jowhara Aisaud on

So check out some of these great sites and start your collection today!

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  1. Lori says:

    Don’t forget Flamingo Framing on Virginia. They often have great local art featured, and you can take your finds to them for cool frame ideas!


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