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We live in beautiful, sunny Florida and enjoy many months of outdoor living.  Outdoor spaces are evolving to include more room elements and manufactures are offering great, affordable resources to help you create your own outdoor spaces.  Also, spaces are becoming more eclectic, combining various materials and styles mimicking our indoor spaces instead of the matched sets you find at your big box stores.


Outdoor fabrics have come along way and come in many colors and patterns and are soft to the touch unlike the old outdoor fabrics.

                               Fabrics from

Create your outdoor rooms using a pavilion, different ground surfaces or levels to differentiate your room from the rest of the yard.  Having a seating area and a separate eating area works very well for entertaining and for just hanging out with the family.



If you are creating an outdoor area that includes a wall there are some great outdoor art pieces available especially in metal finishes that will become even more interesting as they weather over time.   Or you can paint an accent wall as in this zen backyard retreat.


Don’t forget lighting, as we often spend time in our outdoor rooms at night.  Some great options include variations on the “fairy” lights with various decorative options, candles, solar powered lights and firepots.   


So go forth, have fun and entertain in your backyard!






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  1. good!it’s very useful!thx!

  2. Sound good. Its also my favorite topic.That’s great andthanks for the fine sharring.

  3. That outdoor furniture is artistically awesome.

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    This is just brilliant work. The pictures are lovely and I feel that this is the best outdoor furniture one can think of. Thanks for the post.I highly appreciate your work. :)


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